Two Brothers

December 19, 2008
There is room

There is room

These two brothers  have been fighting over the back of this chair, trying to find
a way to both fit on it. I guess they found  a way


Fireworks From Kentwood Mi

July 5, 2008


Fireworks Picture 4

July 5, 2008


Fireworks From Kentwood Michigan

July 5, 2008


Sunset over Northern Michigan

May 22, 2008

Article below Photo

Sunset over Northern Michigan

This Photo was taken over Lake Michigan
near The Mackinaw Bridge By my aunt on
her way back home to Escanaba Mi.

Deer Art

May 17, 2008

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Well she is at it again!!!!
Another piece of art work done by my wife .
For this piece all she used was a Basic pocket ashtray,
some polymer clay,a rubber stamp, some baking, green ink,
and the finishing touches of antiquing,
She may have her medical problems which
was described in an earlier post, but that hasn’t stopped her
from doing the things she likes to do.