Merry Christmas!!

December 16, 2008

Merry Christmas,

Express The Love

Spend time with the ones you love,  Give a hug to show your love
Drop a dime , Spend some time
Life is Precious, Take it Serious
Make it fun, and Find the Son
Express the Love, Given to you from above.



May 22, 2008

Family is a precious and wonderful part of life,
Even though it can be filled with strife.
When we live together, We can stay forever.
When we feel sadness, With family we find gladness,

When in doubt, A family can work things out.
At a family gathering, we hear joyous chattering.
When there is sorrow, happiness comes tomorrow.
Abundance is the Key, at least it is for me.

Happy Anniversary:

May 12, 2008

To my wife;

We have been together 15 years, of those
we have been married 14.

To the one I love the best,
Now we can rest,
Knowing we have made it this far,
And yet no scar,

Yes there have been bumps and bruises,
And still no cruises,

Even with the life we have had together,
There will be us forever,
With just enough money to make us happy
and many problems to make us snappy,
There is one thing that makes our marriage different,
We are very content.

Although they have been long,
We continue to grow strong.

Happy Mothers Day:

May 9, 2008

A definition of MOM

The woman who loved you so much shecarried you for nine months,
changed those nasty diapers until you learned to use the bathroom,
then continued to do your laundry until you moved out,
(except for those whose mother is still doing their laundry)
made sure you had plenty of food and never went hungry.

Now it is time to say THANK YOU MOM:
This is to the person with the,
Hands that gave me food when ever I was home,
And those same hands that washed my clothes,
Not to mention the diaper changes,
Kindness was always in you.

You will always be a very special person
One I will love even after you are gone,
Unending love is from me to you.

Many more words could describe this
One person that has been in my life since day one,
Mom is the one that describes you best.

Happy Mothers Day

A Child:

May 5, 2008

The most precious thing in life, Make sure you love them
everyday, Express it everyday to them. A few examples
“which I am sure most of you already now”
Tell them you love them, when they wake up in the morning,
go to bed and every chance you get in between
Spend  some time with them on a daily basis,
talk to them about the dangers in life,strangers,
peer pressure, drugs( of every known kind)and
those not yet discovered, (Guarenteed there will
there will be new ones to come), drinking and driving,
moving vehicles, and all the others.
But the 2 most important thing I learned as a child,
Never ever say goodbye, when they leave to go outside
to play or to a friends, when they move out or off to college.
Instead tell them you will see them later, because if some-
where to happen to either one of you you will eventually see
see them and never let a disagreement go unsettled,
because you will regret it if something where to happen to
the other and that dispute was never settled.