Article below picture Picture

This picture was taken on the south end of my
house looking northwest. As I post this picture
I just noticed the moon.

Related photo blog Link broken by admin
photo~Kraze»Sunset With Moon
photo no longer exists on photo blog


8 Responses to Sunset:

  1. Teck says:

    hello, Task~Force

    Great Photo & moon shot….

    are you going to add this
    to your new photo blog???

  2. TaskForce says:

    Hello Teck,
    Thank You for viewing my newest photo, and yes it will be going in my photo blog.

  3. TaskForce says:

    Hello raincoaster,
    Thank You very much for taking
    time to look at my blog, and there
    will be more sunsets to come 🙂

  4. kweenmama says:

    That is a great picture! It should be part of a calendar!

  5. TaskForce says:

    Hello kweenmama,
    Thank you and now that you
    mentioned it I think it would
    look great as a calendar
    picture. A new hobby for me
    also. Thank You for the idea.

  6. limit says:

    “so eye catching pic cant imagine, looks like a part of heaven”

  7. TaskForce says:

    Hello Limit,

    Well Thank you, I never thought about
    it that way. But at this point we can
    only imagine. Right 🙂

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