Friends are people who will stick by you always,
A person who always stays,
When in doubt,
They will help you out
Not afraid tell you,
I will help you,

Whether thick or thin,
A punch in the chin,
Whether is verbal,
Whether it is physical
A friend will take it,
A friend will give it.

Don’t look for money,
Don’t look for honey,
Look whats inside a person,
Not outside a person,
Don’t look at their faults ,
With outlooking in your own vaults,

I have One friend in my life
That has done almost everyone of these to me,

MY WIFE !!!!!!


13 Responses to FRIENDS:

  1. Teck says:

    Hello Task~force

    Great poem!!! 🙂

  2. limit says:

    ” beautiful thoughts abt friends, very true”

  3. TaskForce says:

    Hi limit. would like to thank you for your comment on the Friends Poem

  4. TaskForce says:

    Hello Teck
    would like to thank you for your comment on the Friends poem

  5. Terri says:

    Thank you for sharing this poem with me, I really like it and I look forward to checking out the rest of the blog 🙂

    • TaskForce says:

      you are quite welcome sorry for not responding back sooner since I started the other blog roles I haven’t opened these accounts in awhile. I recently posted a post titled Blog Roles on that explains why!

    • TaskForce says:

      the worse thing is all my greatest poems are on this Blog and T.O.S doesn’t allow me to transfer them to my other blog role

      • T says:

        I did not know that is not allowed, that does not seem fair since they are all your own work. Your poems are really good.

      • TaskForce says:

        Have you seen the latest poem I posted on if not check it out aand tell me which poem is better the ones you find here or the latest on there

      • T says:

        Checking it out now… what I am seeing so far are really great! it is to hard to decide which are better:) p.s. I am getting so confused are you balding2soon, taskforce and also the anonymous author of Daily aspects?? all wonderful blogs btw

      • TaskForce says:

        T I am Task F0rce, Balding2Soon and the author of thoughtzfrommyheart . My son is the author is the author of daily aspects I just guest blog a poem on his site every Tuesday.

      • TaskForce says:

        Task F0rce and Photo Kraze are both Linked if you go to the top left where it says coffee attic there is a drop down menu click there and it will give you the option to also check out the photokraze blog

  6. TaskForce says:

    Glad you liked it hope you enjoy more I also have more poems listed on not only this blog but also on and

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