A Child:

The most precious thing in life, Make sure you love them
everyday, Express it everyday to them. A few examples
“which I am sure most of you already now”
Tell them you love them, when they wake up in the morning,
go to bed and every chance you get in between
Spend  some time with them on a daily basis,
talk to them about the dangers in life,strangers,
peer pressure, drugs( of every known kind)and
those not yet discovered, (Guarenteed there will
there will be new ones to come), drinking and driving,
moving vehicles, and all the others.
But the 2 most important thing I learned as a child,
Never ever say goodbye, when they leave to go outside
to play or to a friends, when they move out or off to college.
Instead tell them you will see them later, because if some-
where to happen to either one of you you will eventually see
see them and never let a disagreement go unsettled,
because you will regret it if something where to happen to
the other and that dispute was never settled.


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