May 22, 2008

Family is a precious and wonderful part of life,
Even though it can be filled with strife.
When we live together, We can stay forever.
When we feel sadness, With family we find gladness,

When in doubt, A family can work things out.
At a family gathering, we hear joyous chattering.
When there is sorrow, happiness comes tomorrow.
Abundance is the Key, at least it is for me.


Sunset over Northern Michigan

May 22, 2008

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Sunset over Northern Michigan

This Photo was taken over Lake Michigan
near The Mackinaw Bridge By my aunt on
her way back home to Escanaba Mi.


May 20, 2008

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This picture was taken on the south end of my
house looking northwest. As I post this picture
I just noticed the moon.

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May 19, 2008


Friends are people who will stick by you always,
A person who always stays,
When in doubt,
They will help you out
Not afraid tell you,
I will help you,

Whether thick or thin,
A punch in the chin,
Whether is verbal,
Whether it is physical
A friend will take it,
A friend will give it.

Don’t look for money,
Don’t look for honey,
Look whats inside a person,
Not outside a person,
Don’t look at their faults ,
With outlooking in your own vaults,

I have One friend in my life
That has done almost everyone of these to me,

MY WIFE !!!!!!

Deer Art

May 17, 2008

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Well she is at it again!!!!
Another piece of art work done by my wife .
For this piece all she used was a Basic pocket ashtray,
some polymer clay,a rubber stamp, some baking, green ink,
and the finishing touches of antiquing,
She may have her medical problems which
was described in an earlier post, but that hasn’t stopped her
from doing the things she likes to do.

Other Art: Cards

May 16, 2008

Here is a glimpse of other types of art work that my wife does.
This Birthday card was made for my cousin who turns 1 on
the 18. She may have her share of medical problems but
some people wouldn’t notice it by the work she can do
with a simple card, ink, brush, and a couple of stamps.

Altered Brooch and Puzzle Piece

May 16, 2008

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My wife was diagnosed with Primary Lymphedema stage 2 in both legs and stage 1 in both arms and hands last fall. She tries to remain as active , as she possibly she can . Some days though she is very swollen in her legs and in a lot of pain. Her spirits remain high , even though the lymphedema is incurable ,it can be managed with Compression bandaging and MLD . She does not have disfigured legs and am thankful for that , as this condition can cause this problem. She loves to scrapbook ,make cards and create altered art pieces , so when her brooch broke , I gave her a few years back, she created this piece as reminder of our love and that our are spirits are free to be happy and content , whatever the circumstances in life may be thrown our way.